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Public Sector & Human Rights: Education Briefing

One of the key issues now facing the country revolves around when and if schools should reopen. At times the debate has appeared to pit Central Government against Local Authorities, teachers against parents, and doctors against scientists.

Few people, however, have examined the legal aspect to this debate and the potential fallout from it in the Courts. Fortunately, the Public Sector & Human Rights Group at 1 Chancery Lane has analysed this subject in time for the proposed return to school.

Our Public Sector & Human Rights Group has a wealth of experience in the field of HRA claims and how they interact with the common law.

In this Briefing, Andrew Warnock QC (who has been involved in some of the leading education claims) and Jack Harding expertly analyse the elusive ‘right to education’. Sarah Prager then weighs up the evidence on
the advantages and disadvantages to reopening at this time.

Read the Briefing in full here

Written by or involving: Andrew Warnock QC, Saleem Khalid, Jack Harding, Sarah Prager


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