Motor Fraud

1 Chancery Lane is a leading set for defendant motor fraud insurance work and has been at the forefront of the efforts of insurers to fight fraudulent claims.

Motor fraud work has undergone significant changes due to the introduction of fixed costs, QOCS, and the concept of fundamental dishonesty (FD).

The long-awaited implementation of the whiplash reforms promises further uncertainty for defendant insurers and their solicitors and may, ironically, provide greater incentives to bring fraudulent and/or exaggerated claims.

The need for such claims to be investigated and contested rigorously but at proportionate cost has never been greater.

Members of Chambers have:

  • dealt with the full range of fraud and FD issues.
  • successfully defended claims involving staged accidents, fraud rings, phantom passengers, late-notification, low-velocity impacts and every variety of exaggerated or fabricated injury and credit hire claim.
  • marshalled open-source intelligence, social media, and engineering evidence in support of fraud allegations.
  • provided advice and advocacy at every stage, from an initial assessment of whether to plead fraud through to effective cross-examination at trial.
  • conducted contempt of court and committal proceedings.
  • saved insurers many thousands of pounds by preventing them having to pay out for fabricated and exaggerated claims, and allowing them to recover the costs of defending such claims by securing findings of FD.

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Barristers for Motor Fraud
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