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We are pleased to announce that we have been named a finalist in the British Claims Awards 2021 for Barristers’ Chambers of the Year. The British Claims Awards celebrate the achievements and progress made by the leading professionals in the claims sector on behalf of their clients. The ceremony will take place in London on

On 18th June the Supreme Court handed down judgments in Manchester Building Society v Grant Thornton and Khan v Meadows. In this joint briefing we consider the judgments from both a professional negligence and clinical negligence perspective.   Rehabilitation of the “Mountaineer’s Knee”   Manchester Building Society v Grant Thornton Introduction As set out in the

Some six months after Exit Day, Brexit continues in its role as the gift that keeps on giving, and we suggest that the cases we precis in this week’s Weekly Roundup will be of particular interest to those litigating the pre-Exit Day tsunami of claims, many of which (terrifyingly) have yet to be served. Those

In yesterday’s webinar, Sarah Prager and Dominique Smith looked at how to deal with deaths abroad. They covered: Establishing the Facts: criminal investigations Establishing the Facts: inquests Bereavement awards Claims for dependency A worked example: FS Cairo v Brownlie [2021] All ER 605 If you missed it, you can view it here.

In this webinar, Edward Faulks QC speaks generally about vicarious liability. Jack Harding and Susanna Bennett then consider: The latest case law on the ’first limb’ of the test for vicarious liability (‘akin to employment’) including SKX v Manchester City Council and Breakingbury v Croad. Analysis of the Supreme Court decision in Various Claimants v

Lugano posturing is bad for everyone

It is now over a month since the European Commission advised the European parliament and council that the UK should not be allowed to join the Lugano Convention. Uncertainty continues to reign, bringing a detrimental impact to the 400 million-plus citizens of the 27 European Union member states (EU27) as well as UK citizens, notably

Medical Law Briefing – June 2021

An Introduction to Capacity: Part I Welcome to another edition of the 1 Chancery Lane Clinical Negligence team briefing. In this edition Ella Davis and Susanna Bennett take a look at the procedural and legal framework relating to mental capacity. Capacity arises in a significant number of clinical negligence claims. Often there are obvious indicators

“Is the room airy?” asks the hotel guest when registering. “Well it’s got air in it”, replies Basil Fawlty in the spirit of helpfulness we’ve come to expect from Torquay hoteliers. And it is in just the same spirit of helpfulness that we bring you a Weekly Roundup devoted to the various difficulties associated with

In June 2020, I gave one of 1 Chancery Lane’s webinars on Article 2 Inquests, and what to expect if you are involved with one (you can watch the webinar here). Shortly after, the Court of Appeal handed down an important judgment in R (Maguire) v Blackpool and Fylde Senior Coroner [2020] 3 WLR 1268,

Our Cornish correspondent informs us that the county is currently overrun with members of the G7 whooping it up, putting the jam and cream on scones in the wrong order and otherwise getting under the feet of the good people of Kernow. Meanwhile, our Scottish friends tell us that the nation’s ports are closed to

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