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1 Chancery Lane regularly recruits probationary tenants from those talented individuals who have completed pupillage but have not secured tenancy elsewhere.  Probationary tenancy was traditionally known as ‘third six pupillage’, but we now choose not to use that term, as it is not part of the training requirement for barristers and has less formal regulation. A probationary tenancy typically

We are proud signatories to the Women in Law Pledge created by the Bar Council of England and Wales, The Law Society, and the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx). We are committed to the progress of equality, elimination of sex discrimination and pledge to make positive change for the legal profession. The Women in Law Pledge is a commitment to

Like the rest of the nation, the team was glued to the telly last night. Yes, Love Island is really hotting up now…Meanwhile, although Tom Yarrow is far too courteous to mention it, the European Commission has now formally rejected the UK’s application to join the Lugano Convention by way of Note Verbale to the

In yesterday’s webinar, Edward Faulks QC spoke generally about vicarious liability and its history. Jack Harding and Susanna Bennett then considered: The latest case law on the ’first limb’ of the test for vicarious liability (‘akin to employment’) including SKX v Manchester City Council and Breakingbury v Croad. Analysis of the Supreme Court decision in Various Claimants v Morrisons and

In this webinar Matthew Chapman QC and Thomas Yarrow survey the key cases on the modern law of animals. They consider: Horse cases (under section 2(2) of the 1971 Act and in negligence); Straying animals (cattle); Naughty dogs. View the slides – From Exodus to the Animals Act 1971 – Horses, Cattle and Dogs

In this webinar, filmed as part of the Forum of Insurers Lawyers’ product liability podcast series, Saleem Khalid talks about cladding claims post-Grenfell and addresses the questions he is most commonly asked: Who are the potential parties in cladding claims? What are the usual liability bases in cladding claims? What are the arguments for claimants

Capacity is an important issue that can arise in cases of all values and complexities.  Sometimes the case is straightforward and low value but the injured party has pre-existing vulnerabilities affecting their ability to give instructions and make decisions.  In other cases the claimant has suffered an acquired brain injury causing capacity issues to be

O’Connor v Luton Borough Council

Last week the High Court handed down its decision in the case of O’Connor v Luton Borough Council [2021] EWHC 1691 (QB). The Claimant (“C”) was a motorcyclist who sustained serious injuries in September 2016.  As she was leaving a petrol station, she lost control of her motorbike and accelerated across the road into the

Disappointed by our failure to break the Hancock Affair story last week, we were determined to do better this week, and in our rummagings in the bins of the Palace of Westminster we turned up two private member’s bills which we thought might be of interest to readers. First, as widely reported elsewhere, the Secretary

We are an LGBT+ inclusive and welcoming set. We welcome all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. We aim to provide a supportive environment for LGBT+ members, pupils, staff, clients and all visitors to chambers. We aim to do this by: Always challenging LGBT+ phobic language or behaviour, whether from anyone in our

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