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We are proud to support the 10,000 Black Interns Programme, and have committed to host interns as part of the Bar’s collective participation in the scheme. The 10,000 Black Interns Programme aims to transform the horizons and prospects of young Black people in the UK by offering paid work experience across a wide range of

As everyone knows, we at 1 Chancery Lane can’t resist a Dancing Queen, and it was with no small degree of excitement that we approached ABBA’s newly released tracks. We won’t spoil the experience for those of you who haven’t heard them yet by reviewing them here; suffice to say that this week’s Roundup finds

Recent research suggests that electric scooters are likely to be involved in up to 200,000 accidents this year as more than a million people become novice riders. The sheer scale of the use of the motorised scooters, against a backdrop of limited trials and restricted legal use, suggests a need for swift legislative action so

In this webinar, Sarah Prager is joined by Matt Gatenby of Travlaw to discuss how to get the most out of your client. They cover: What clients want. What clients need. Taking instructions. Giving advice (welcome and unwelcome). Keeping clients informed (when and how much information to give). Keeping yourself informed (developments you need to

We are delighted to have been shortlisted for Chambers of the Year in the British Legal Awards 2021. The British Legal Awards are now in their 12th year. Hosted by International, they are the premier legal awards in the region and represent the best of the best within the UK’s legal community. Full information

In this recent webinar, Sarah Prager of 1 Chancery Lane and Christopher Deacon of Stewarts discussed how to get the most out of your barrister. They covered: When to brief a barrister What information you need to provide How to choose a barrister What to do if you and your barrister disagree. If you missed it,

We are delighted to announce that Laura Johnson has been shortlisted for the Chambers UK Bar Awards 2021. Laura has been shortlisted for Personal Injury Junior of the Year. The awards reflect achievements over the past 12 months including outstanding work, impressive strategic growth and excellence in client service. They honour the work of Chambers

So that’s it, then. The Summer Bank Holidays have come and gone, the nights are drawing in, and frazzled parents are forking out for yet another maths set comprising compasses, protractor, ruler and that triangular thing nobody ever uses. On a happier note, the government has announced plans to reform the rules on GDPR, although

We remember the Good Old Days when Augusts were Augusts and 1CL jumped into the chambers charabanc for days out in Seahouses (for the souvenirs), Clacton (for the Amusements) and Porthcawl (for the Elvis festival, obviously – we’re reliably informed that our Hound Dog has to be seen to be believed). But no more! August

        Edward Faulks QC and Katie Ayres have written the chapter reviewing the Supreme Court’s decisions in the fields of Personal Injury, Professional Negligence and Tort Law during the 2018-2019 legal year. The UK Supreme Court Yearbook Volume 10 (2021) is available now, published by Appellate Press.

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