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Francesca O’Neill of 1 Chancery Lane is one of nine barristers from the Bar Council Leadership Programme who have launched the Bar’s first ever Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Directory. The directory was created for the promotion of a culture of inclusivity at the Bar. It provides an important, up to date resource, setting out clearly

Can a Claimant be forced to sue parties (s)he has no desire to bring into proceedings? A strange question, perhaps, but one that troubled the Court of Appeal in Pawley v Whitecross Dental Care Limited, Petrie Tucker & Partners Limited [2021] 12 WLUK 27. The Claimant had sued the Defendant dental practice as being vicariously

1. All travel litigation practitioners will be familiar with the concept of the ‘Italian Torpedo’, but for those amongst us lucky enough never to have seen one approaching on their radar, a brief explanation is called for. 2. Italian torpedo is the colloquialism for a tactic which has abound in private international law for many

In this webinar Richard Cherry and Robert Parkin consider two of the most common issues for residential landlords and tenants. They look at issues for those representing landlords and tenants concerning unlawful eviction claims and the possibilities for lawful eviction of occupiers who may lack the full protection of the Housing Act 1988 and/or Protection

In a week dominated, for the team at 1CL at least, by excitement over the sudden appearance of snow (in Winter! Fancy!), it’s been nice to see a brace of High Court judges showing their caring side. The wonderfully named Peter MacDonald Eggers QC showed a bit of empathy for parties trying to extract disclosure

In yesterday’s webinar, Laura Johnson and Susanna Bennett went back to basics on the law of capacity as it relates to personal injury claims with a focus on some of the knotty practical issues that commonly arise in practice, where there are concerns about the capacity of a party. The webinar covered: The nuts and

Busy practitioners will be delighted to hear that the courts have issued fresh guidance on the compilation of e-bundles, to be found here: Electronic Bundles-nte. This new guidance is very like the previous incarnation, containing as it does the usual exhortations to align the pagination with that of the PDF document and to ensure that

Claims arising out of carriage of passengers by air are (very largely) governed by the Montreal Convention, in force in the UK in its modified form by operation of Regulation (EU) No.889/2002, which has survived Brexit by reason of s.3 of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018. The Convention as modified is intended to, and

Francesca O’Neill successfully obtained an Extended Civil Restraint Order against a Mr AKM Soeb in respect of his serial litigation against the Home Office. Mr Soeb has brought three claims against the Secretary of State for the Home Department since 2019, alleging that he had suffered serious loss as a result of breaches of the

This year’s 1 Chancery Lane Autumn Bumper Briefing takes as its theme – what else? – Covid-19 and its consequences. Some two years after the virus was first identified, and just over eighteen months since the first lockdown began, the courts are starting to deal with cases arising out of the pandemic and the measures

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