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The team are in sunny mood this week; not only are we looking forward to an enjoyable and educational webinar on cross border claims, featuring Sarah Prager and Andrew Spencer, on Thursday, we spent the weekend basking in sunshine and in the glow of a Harlequins victory due in no small part to the brilliance

In this webinar Francesca O’Neill and Henk Soede deal with the assessment of damages in professional liability cases and, in particular, in the personal injury and conveyancing context. They address the basic legal principles, work through various illustrative case studies and provide a case law update. View the slides – Assessment of Damages in Professional

In this webinar Andrew Spencer considers the cross border personal injury claims which can still be brought here; and the procedural difficulties that can arise in such claims. View the slides – Cross Border Procedures

Exhilarated. Emotional. Exhausted. Yes, the team were glued to the 1CL telly this week for the Eurovision semi finals and final, and with the results now in Conor Kennedy’s is the name freshly engraved on the 1CL Eurovision Sweepstake Shield. Congratulations, Conor. Meanwhile the groundwork is being laid for UK and Eurolaw to diverge further,

Earlier this month the Court of Justice of the European Union gave its decision in a case which has attracted very little attention amongst practitioners in the UK, but which would heavily influence the domestic courts if a claim arising out of similar facts were ever to be brought in England and Wales, which seems

We are pleased to announce that both Kerry Nicholson and Anirudh Mandagere have accepted offers of tenancy at 1 Chancery Lane following completion of their probationary tenancies with us. We are delighted to welcome them and wish them both well in their careers at the Bar. Kerry and Anirudh accept instructions in all Chambers’ core

It’s that time of year again, when the team reflects on the role of luck in the important events in life. We refer, of course, not only to the part fortune has to play in the litigation process (in our experience, an oft-overlooked factor), but to the 1CL Eurovision Sweepstake, once more in full swing.

An accident for the purposes of article 17 of the Montreal Convention is an “unexpected or unusual event or happening that is external to the passenger”, which is not part of the “usual, normal and expected operation of the aircraft: Saks v Air France470 US 392   This is the third in an entirely unintended trilogy of

On 28th April the House of Commons Health and Social Care Committee published its report on NHS litigation reform. The committee has concluded that “the system for compensating injured patients in England is not fit for purpose” and proposes wide-ranging reforms. In their webinar yesterday, Lord Faulks QC and Edward Bishop QC outlined and discussed

The case of Tindall v Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police ought to be read by all personal injury practitioners. The Court of Appeal’s judgment summarises the circumstances in which a public authority owes a duty of care to protect individuals. This article deals with the facts of the case, the approaches taken by the

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