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The Court of Appeal case of R (Hans Husson) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2020] EWCA Civ 329 earlier this year highlighted the possibility of bringing claims in damages against the Home Office for delay in making immigration decisions, both under Article 8 of the ECHR in just satisfaction and by virtue

The Legal 500 has released its set overviews, and once again our clerking team has received high praise. They are: “Absolutely brilliant, especially Clark Chessis who leads the clerking team. Organised, always keen to assist.” ‘Best in the business. Clark Chessis is an outstanding operator, and he continues to develop terrific talent – David Barrow

Introduction On 17 September 2020, the Master of the Rolls (“MR”) introduced the “Overall Arrangements for Possession Proceedings” (the “Overall Arrangements”). The Overall Arrangements involve and are supported by the Amendments to the CPR and PD55 (as discussed in the previous briefing) but they also include a wider range of guidance that the courts will

In this webinar, Richard Cherry and Henk Soede discuss the issues around residential possession claims caused by the recent lifting of the General Stay. They look at: New Forms of Notices 3 and 6A and the new notice periods; Requirements for reactivation notices and how claims will be listed and heard under the Overall Arrangements.

Possession in the Post-Covid World

This briefing note examines procedural issues in residential possession claims after the lifting of the General Stay imposed March 2020. It deals with the procedures involved both in bringing a possession claim and the new rules that will determine how such claims will be listed and heard. It discusses the impact of the changed notice

Francesca O’Neill successful in striking out £10 million personal injury claim in the High Court. Francesca represented the Secretary of State for Justice in this claim brought by a foreign national as a result of his deportation. The Court further considered that the claim was totally without merit and awarded costs in the Defendant’s favour.

As regular readers know, we at 1CL like nothing better of an evening than to huddle round the chambers wireless listening to the government’s pronouncements on the issues of the day. For the last few months, admittedly, the news has been dominated by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, but in recent times we have detected a

Yesterday, John Bryant and Conor Kennedy provided an introduction to probate law. They covered: How is a valid will drawn? What are the duties of personal representatives? How may they be challenged? How may a will be challenged (mental capacity, knowledge and approval, undue influence)? If you missed it, you can view it here.  

Following the much anticipated decision of the Court of Appeal in Swift v Carpenter John Ross QC and Thomas Yarrow provide a comprehensive analysis of the difficulties accommodation claims present for the courts, the detail of the decision in Swift (including explaining the maths behind the formula) and the practical implications of the decision.  The

Zurich Insurance Company Ltd, Chloe Jenkins of BLM and Jack Harding of 1 Chancery Lane Chambers have successfully defended a claim against the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority and North Yorkshire County Council brought by a claimant who fell whilst crossing a set of stepping stones in the River Cover in the Yorkshire Dales National

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