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In this webinar, Simon Trigger and Dominique Smith discuss the topic of fundamental dishonesty. They cover the relevant case law and talk about some things to look out for. They also discuss fundamental dishonesty in the context of remote hearings, as well as deal with whiplash reforms. View the slides here – Fraud & Fundamental

We’re excited to be taking part in the first virtual Bar Council Pupillage Fair this Saturday, 15th October. Due to Covid-19, the event is having to be held virtually this year, but this allows more aspiring barristers to attend the event, and gives us as an exhibitor the chance to chat to so many prospective

Yesterday, Edward Bishop QC and Angus Piper took a look at the problem of accommodation claims, in light of the Court of Appeal’s judgment in Swift v Carpenter which was handed down on Friday 9th October. They assessed the judgment, and considered how things are likely to play out in the future. If you missed it, you

This week saw the team at 1CL dusting off our scientific calculators and trying to remember our integers from our indices. For on Friday the Court of Appeal handed down judgment in Swift v Carpenter [2020] EWCA Civ 1295. The judgment, which runs to 230 paragraphs, can be boiled down to this: there’s a formula

This webinar gives basic knowledge of probate law. John Bryant and Conor Kennedy cover: How is a valid will drawn? What are the duties of personal representatives? How may they be challenged? How may a will be challenged (mental capacity, knowledge and approval, undue influence)? View the slides here – An Introduction to Probate Law

The Court of Appeal handed down the judgment in Swift v Carpenter on 9th October 2020. In this webinar, Edward Bishop QC and Angus Piper take a look at the problem of accommodation claims, the Court of Appeal’s solution in Swift v Carpenter and how things are likely to play out in the future. View

This week a number of our members braved the elements to undertake the London Legal Support Trust 10xChallenge. Due to the pandemic, the usual London Legal Walk was unable to go ahead this year so individuals were encouraged to undertake their own challenges to raise much needed funds for free legal advice charities in London

It sometimes seems that we at 1CL do nothing but show off about our successes; but that’s because there’s so much to show off about. We hope readers will indulge us with one little crow over our latest Legal 500 rankings; we are, after all, one of the strongest travel sets out there, with some

Keen observers of the present state of EU/UK “negotiations” will have spotted some developments in recent weeks and, indeed, in the last few days. While the media have been preoccupied with fishing rights and State-aid rules, the anxious attention of travel lawyers has been on the EU conflicts rules. Our Odenbreit claims and defences have

Yesterday Sarah Prager and Henk Soede discussed commonly encountered issues in the Montreal Convention. They covered: Applicability Scope Jurisdiction Limitation The nature of the event​ The nature of the injury The measure of damages If you missed it, you can view it here  

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