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My father was born in Kirkaldy, Fife to a Scottish mother and Iraqi father. He was raised in Baghdad and in Leith, Edinburgh. My mother trained as a midwife. My parents were ambitious for my brother and myself but as a family we had no experience of law or the legal world. I attended a

The team’s spirits have soared this week; not only have we been able to book a garden table at our favourite restaurant for 13th April, it looks as if we might not need to take the 1CL umbrellas with us. Yes, it’s Spring, and the new season brings renewed vigour and optimism to the gang.

In this webinar Francesca O’Neill and Henk Soede provide an introduction to strike outs. They give an update on the law, and discuss how to succeed. View the slides – Strike Outs: How to Win, When to Apply (and When Not To)

In yesterday’s webinar, Ian Stebbings and Francesca O’Neill reviewed the authorities in Police Law regarding unlawful arrest and level of damages following both the Parker and Norman cases, and they explored recent cases on disclosure. If you missed it, you  can view it here.

Fundamental Dishonesty & Trials in Lockdown

Roger André joined 1 Chancery Lane in December 2020. He has a longstanding Civil Fraud Practice and his move to 1 Chancery Lane, whilst still residing in the North of England, enables him to offer enhanced national coverage as he travels nationwide and also does remote hearings. His Practice encompasses complex / high value Multi

Avid readers of the Civil Procedure Rules online will have been all of a doodah this week; we at 1CL sympathise. For this week the CPR were migrated from the legacy site, which is being phased out, to the URL. In the process the Ministry of Justice appears to have decided that it

Matthew Chapman QC, Russell Wilcox and Ella Davis took attendees through the recent case law in cross border and holiday claims, looking at local standards; expert evidence; X v Kuoni in the CJEU and Rome II. After the update there was an opportunity to raise questions with the team over a glass of wine. View

This recent decision from the Court of Appeal will be of particular interest to surveyors and their insurers because of the extent of the liability imposed on the surveyor. The Court upheld the first instance decision of Roger Ter Haar QC in the TCC, which departed from the usual measure of damages in a negligent

This week brought another interesting development in gastric illness claims; an inventive attempt to fix a single joint expert with the Defendant’s costs of successfully defending a claim was resoundingly rejected, leaving tour operators facing the tricky decision of whether to continue to defend this type of claim, even in the face of the effects

In this webinar, Ian Stebbings and Francesca O’Neill review the authorities in Police Law regarding unlawful arrest and level of damages following both the Parker and Norman cases, and they explore recent cases on disclosure. View the slides here – Arrest Lawful or Unlawful, Nominal Damages and Disclosure

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