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For my previous analysis of the Court of Appeal’s decision, please see here. It seems the Supreme Court agreed with me; perhaps they read my article? I’m going to assume so, and take some/most of the credit. Splendid, glad that’s settled. In a group litigation claim 126 Claimants sought damages from Barclays Bank (“the Bank”)

If Covid-19 can be compared to a butterfly, and we think it can, the effects of its flutterings are starting to be felt in increasingly unexpected ways. Who could have predicted that, as we reported last week, a South Korean resort would be bringing proceedings against two tourists; or that the Hawaiian Tourism Authority would

  In Mohamud v Morrisons Supermarkets (2016) AC 677, Lord Dyson MR observed that: “To search for certainty and precision in vicarious liability is to undertake a quest for a chimaera”   Whilst absolute certainty and precision may remain unattainable goals in this area of the law, a consistent set of principles, applicable across all

One of the (very few) consolations of the present emergency has been the chance to catch up on the great television of years past. I have spent this week bingeing on the BBC’s 1994 adaptation of Middlemarch. My own advancing years have lent a new sympathy for Eliot’s Reverend Edward Casaubon (brilliantly played by Patrick

CPR Part 3.1(f) contains the Court’s powers to stay a claim.  When will the court exercise these powers in the face of a claimant refusing to undergo the defendant’s request for a medical examination?  This is the question that the Court had to consider recently in the case of Dorrington v Basildon and Thurrock University

From Monday 7th September, our clerks have returned to Chambers. Initially they will be working on a rota system with some in Chambers whilst others continue to work remotely. This will ensure we maintain social distancing in the clerks’ room and also provide a higher level of business resilience. The majority of our Members of

An update to the new Practice Direction 51Z (“the PD”) in respect of possession proceedings has been published and is effective as of 18 April 2020. It now provides that: Subject to paragraph 2A, all proceedings for possession brought under CPR Part 55 and all proceedings seeking to enforce an order for possession by a

This week the team at 1 Chancery Lane provide an update on the conduct of  hearings during lockdown, and discuss the continuing issues arising out of the vexed question of cancellation refunds. Remote hearings In the last few weeks, we’ve all had to adapt to new ways of working in the midst of the COVID-19

Sarah Prager has written a chapter, The impact of travel claims and litigation in the UK, in the new book The Legal Impacts of COVID-19 in the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Industry. You can view the full chapter here. Sarah is also speaking on this same topic in a webinar today. Full details are here.

International Web Conference on The Legal Impacts of Covid-19 in the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Industry.   Sarah Prager of 1 Chancery Lane is giving a webinar as part of an event run by Eshte University.   Full details

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