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Diamond v Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust [2019] EWCA Civ 585 Lord Faulks QC and Laura Johnson have successfully resisted an appeal on causation in a case concerning consent to medical treatment. The Claimant (C) brought a claim for clinical negligence arising out of spinal fusion surgery performed on 6 December 2010 and

“He has an excellent manner with clients and provides insightful commentary and advice.”

“He’s wonderfully client-friendly as he’s terribly calm and measured. In fraught situations he creates an atmosphere of calm and confidence, and he must be one of the most charming and polite men on the earth – in negotiations he’s never aggressive, just very clear, firm and incredibly clever.”

“He is terribly bright, intelligent and fantastic with clients. He really rolls his sleeves up and he communicates well.”

“Probably #1 in terms of developing the law in duty of care.”

“The pre-eminent travel law junior of his generation, unsurpassed in pure travel law, who expresses himself clearly, is very good with clients and can be trusted to get something right.”

In this inaugural briefing for our Public Law Group, Saleem Khalid and Richard Collier take a detailed look at some of the key cases of the last twelve months affecting public authority liability. The Supreme Court’s judgment in the case of CN v Poole is (surely!) due shortly, whilst permission to appeal to the Supreme

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