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Lest we Forget (our senses)

Personal injury law has a poor image in the eyes of the general public. For many reasons of course, this is unfair. Often it is the overreactions of various (frequently Public Sector) organisations who utterly overreact to potential alleged “health and safety risks”. Examples are legion: conkers in schools, blu-tac on walls and Christmas decorations are all subjects of recent media hype, when they have been cited by over-zealous (to be charitable about them) health and safety advisors as being sources of potential injury and consequent expensive litigation.


Today we remember those who gave their lives for our Country in war. Most right-thinking people wear poppies as a mark of remembrance. However some schools and businesses have been worried about the health and safety implications of such a practice. Some organisations have been refusing to distribute poppies due to the fact that some require the use of pins!


The Government has seen fit to step in however to assuage such overreaction in this case. Michael Penning, the new minister for health and safety has written to the Royal British Legion as well as business leaders telling them essentially that no legal challenge would be possible from people who “injure” themselves with poppy pins.


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