We recognise that investing in our pupils is an investment in our future.

During pupillage we aim to equip pupils with the skills and experience needed to enjoy a successful and exciting career at the Bar. We hope to provide a stimulating environment, diversity of experience and an open, friendly approach that will enable talent to flourish.

Our selection procedure aims to identify pupils who we anticipate will be outstanding candidates to join Chambers as tenants at the end of the year. Whilst academic ability, clear thinking and lucidity of expression go without saying, we expect our pupils to have strong interpersonal skills.

Developing a rapport with professional and lay clients is a key skill for the modern legal environment. In light of this, it is fundamental to our recruitment process to discover who you are and what you can do, in addition to assessing your academic and non-academic achievements.

Pupillage at 1 Chancery Lane is not a competition. Pupils are not assessed by reference to one another, but against the transparent standards we expect and require pupils to achieve in order to be offered tenancy. Our policy is to recruit tenants from our pupils; accordingly we aim to work together through the year, using our popular pupillage structure and system of feedback and appraisals, to give pupils the best possible support to meet those standards.


Application Information

Our next pupillage intake for which applications can be made will be October 2021. Applications should be made through the Pupillage Gateway in accordance with their published timetable. We are not offering pupillages to commence in October 2020.

We offer up to two twelve month pupillages, beginning in October. Limiting places in this way ensures that we are able to give each pupil plenty of individual attention and the best possible chance of obtaining tenancy. We have a high retention rate having offered tenancies to all but two of our pupils over the last nine years. We attribute this to our ability to select appropriate candidates who will make a long term success of the Bar.

The next pupillages for which places are available will commence in October 2021 and the pupillage awards will be £50,000 p.a., of which £20,000 will comprise guaranteed earnings. We will consider requests to draw down part of the award during the BVC year.

Pupils have three supervisors during the twelve months, providing experience of a range of seniority, personalities and practice areas. If a pupil expresses interest in a particular practice area we will take this into account when allocating supervisors after the first four months.

Pupils can expect a range of court experience in their second six months that will provide good grounding for a career as an advocate. Pupils can expect to spend two to three days in court each week.

We will be accepting applications for pupillage commencing in October 2021 through the Pupillage Gateway. Should you be invited for interview and need to travel from outside London, Chambers will consider paying your travelling expenses or contributing towards them. If you require any additional information please contact Jenny Fensham, our Practice Administrator.


We also offer mini-pupillages – please see our mini-pupillage page for more information.

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