ABI - Civil Justice Reform
Speakers: Edward Faulks QC
Dates: 29/01/2020 12:00 am

Edward Faulks QC was the Keynote Speaker at the Association of British Insurers’ Civil Justice Reform event on 29th January. With over 100 delegates in attendance, he spoke on the reforms to civil justice and the Civil Liability Act.

With the passing of the Civil Liability Act, the announcement of the new Personal Injury Discount Rate in August 2019 and the imminent changes to the compensation regime for soft tissue injuries coming into place in April 2020, the event provided an excellent opportunity to look back at how the reform process has worked and look ahead to what challenges still remain.

There were discussions on the Discount Rate and panelists also assessed progress on the new portal for small claims track personal injury claims and what the post-April 2020 compensation regime and claims process will look like.


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