1CL Weekly Webinar: Employer's Liability: Covid-19 Claims
Venue: Webinar
Dates: 11/06/2020 11:00 am

This is the latest of our 1CL Weekly Webinar series – Employer’s Liability: Covid-19 Claims.

Having recently discussed the basic principles applicable to employers’ liability claims, in the second of a two-part series, Ben Hicks and Andrew Spencer turn to examine how the current Covid-19 pandemic has created issues for employers and consider how these issues might be dealt with by the Courts.

Particular topics for discussion include:

  • What precautions should employers be implementing to protect their employees from exposure to Covid-19 at work?
  • What is “reasonable” in respect of PPE provision?
  • Who might be able to bring a claim arising out of an employee’s exposure to Covid-19?
  • Which employers might be at greater risk of such claims?
  • COSHH – is Covid 19 a “controlled substance” and if so, what are the implications of this?
  • How might the Courts approach the question of causation?
  • What issues might arise in relation to quantum?
  • How far might psychiatric damage feature in Covid-19-related claims?
  • Might “combat immunity” be extended beyond the military?
  • The possibility of alternative compensation schemes.

Ben and Andrew will also be answering any questions you may have on employer’s liability. Please submit your questions when registering for the event and they will answer as many as they can during the webinar.

This is the second in a two-part series. Attendance at part one was not essential for attendance at this one.

Whilst the majority of us continue to work remotely, these webinars will take place every Thursday at 11am. We will be exploring some Covid-19 related issues, but also looking beyond that to cover a whole range of topics that are relevant to you at this time.

We look forward to seeing you there!



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