1CL Weekly Webinar: Employer's Liability: Covid-19 Claims
Venue: Webinar
Dates: 11/06/2020 11:00 am

Having recently discussed the basic principles applicable to employers’ liability claims, in the second of a two-part series, Ben Hicks and Andrew Spencer turn to examine how the current Covid-19 pandemic has created issues for employers and consider how these issues might be dealt with by the Courts.

Particular topics discussed include:

  • What precautions should employers be implementing to protect their employees from exposure to Covid-19 at work?
  • What is “reasonable” in respect of PPE provision?
  • Who might be able to bring a claim arising out of an employee’s exposure to Covid-19?
  • Which employers might be at greater risk of such claims?
  • COSHH – is Covid 19 a “controlled substance” and if so, what are the implications of this?
  • How might the Courts approach the question of causation?
  • What issues might arise in relation to quantum?
  • How far might psychiatric damage feature in Covid-19-related claims?
  • Might “combat immunity” be extended beyond the military?
  • The possibility of alternative compensation schemes.

View the slides here – EL – Covid Claims

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