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Court approves settlement of CP claim including lump sum of £1.6 million

The Court today approved a settlement of a claim by a 16 year-old boy suffering from cerebral palsy resulting from a negligent delay in performing a Caesarian Section. Hospital street sign on a white background Stock Photo - 11025380

The Claimant had previously established liability at a trial of a preliminary issue. The Claimant was to recover : (i) a lump sum of £1.8m; (ii) an annual periodical payment linked to RPI for life starting at £45000; and (iii) an annual periodical payment linked to ASHE 6115 80th centile for life commencing at £140000, increasing to £185000 on December 15, 2015. RS (By his father and litigation friend TU) v Newham University Hospital NHS Trust, Swift J., QBD 15.10.12 





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