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Clever Cars
Cars are getting more intelligent. Mine tells me when to change gear, puts its own windscreen wipers on and tells me off by beeping if I am late putting on my seatbelt. But modern cars are set to make mine very much look like the dunce of the class.
A leading German car maker is already advertising that its latest technology allows its cars to sense the presence of other cars and take some action quicker than its driver is able to. I have been told by an off-the-record source that such technology is likely to be made available to not-so-leading car makers in the relatively recent future and it is thought likely to be installed in almost all new vehicles in a few years.

Will this render road traffic accidents and their associated personal injuries a thing of the past? Well the answer to that is obviously “no”, however the presence of such technology is likely to dramatically alter the way that RTA disputes are conducted. If it can be shown that technology installed in a car will automatically brake the car to ensure it does not come into collision with a vehicle in front – will this assist the driver who suggests he or she has fallen victim to a “slam on” accident?

There are of course many questions which the advent of the widespread use of such wizardry will bring. It is unlikely to be too much longer before it would be wise for anyone litigating a case involving a motor vehicle to make enquiries as to the existence of such technology.


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