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In this webinar, Simon Newman and Christopher Pask of our Property, Chancery & Commercial team will be discussing the Debt Respite Scheme (Breathing Space Moratorium and Mental Health Crisis Moratorium) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020 which come into force on 4 May 2021, and the insolvency landscape as Covid-19 and CIGA 2020 restrictions lift.  Simon

The Obviousness of Risk

“To be alive at all involves some risk” – Harold MacMillan 1. On 5th July 2015, at approximately 2am, Christopher James returned to his bedroom at the White Lion Hotel in Worcester. He had attended a wedding with his friend. They had both been drinking but neither was drunk. Despite the late hour, it had

We’d be interested to know how many chargeable hours have been spent comparing caterpillar cakes recently; certainly we at 1CL have done very little else this week. Of course, nothing compares to our own Dom Smith’s version, but don’t tell M&S that. And it was in this spirit of original v update that we read

In Friday’s webinar, Laura Johnson and Richard Collier provided an introduction to managing occupational stress claims. The session covered the fundamental legal principles and provided some practical tips for managing these complex claims. It also included consideration of stress claims in the Covid era. If you missed it, you can view it here.

The Weekly Roundup: Timely Reminders

This week we thought we’d use a couple of recent cases to illustrate a pleading point and a procedural point surprisingly often forgotten, though naturally not by us. Next week we will bring you a summary of the European Commission report on the application of the new(ish) Package Travel Directive, which may inform interpretation of

Maurice Rifat successfully recovers gold on behalf of a Claimant who had used a forged passport and a false identity to set up the account under which it was held. In Kitover v Galmarley Ltd (t/a [2021] EWHC 809 (Ch), the case originally started life as a stakeholder claim under CPR 86 brought by

In this webinar Laura Johnson and Richard Collier provide an introduction to managing occupational stress claims. The session covers the fundamental legal principles and provides some practical tips for managing these complex claims. It also includes consideration of stress claims in the Covid era. This webinar is suitable for fee earners new to this work

The Weekly Roundup: The Easter Edition

We hope that our readers will, like the team, have returned to work much refreshed and raring to go after the Easter Bank Holiday break. The 1CL Easter Egg Hunt was a predictably competitive affair, of course, but we were able to prise ourselves away from the consumption of our own body weight in chocolate

PI & Clinical Negligence analysis: David Thomson, barrister at 1 Chancery Lane, examines how qualified one-way cost shifting (QOCS) operates in practice by considering recent case law and developments. QOCS was introduced on 1 April 2013 as part of the Jackson costs reforms following the removal of a claimant’s right to recover additional liabilities from

It is important to remember that reasonable supervision by teachers does not require them to see every action of every pupil, no matter what the circumstances might be. Indeed, over-supervision, particularly with high-school age children, can be potentially damaging in that it removes any element of trust and may impair their learning and the development

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