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Ella Davis returns from parental leave

We’re delighted to welcome Ella Davis back to chambers this week following her parental leave. Ella has a broad and varied practice, with a particular emphasis on clinical negligence and personal injury.

The Weekly Roundup: The Costly Edition

This week’s edition features two recent cases on recoverability of costs, each confirming that equity has no place in the consideration of costs recovery, something litigators may feel they already knew or could have intuited. It’s also been a costly (but worth it) week for travel practitioners, with the new edition of Saggerson on Travel

Saggerson on Travel Law and Litigation is an indispensable reference for the travel lawyer on all topics of relevance. Written by 1 Chancery Lane’s leading travel law practitioners, this seventh edition has been extensively revised and updated, providing comprehensive coverage of important developments since the publication of the sixth edition such as: the ongoing impact of

Two cases caught our eye this week, both relating to issues around service outside the jurisdiction, which as you would expect has been something of a talking point in the courts since Exit Day. The first involves the unusual situation where a party seeks third party disclosure against an entity based abroad; the second arose

Shortly before the current turmoil in Westminster, a new British Bill of Rights was introduced in Parliament. This Bill seeks to repeal and replace the 1998 Human Rights Act, which incorporated the European Convention on Human Rights into UK law. Rosalind English of 1 Crown Office Row discusses the proposed Bill with 1 Chancery Lane’s

In Daniel Khan v Taylor Haldane Barlex Solicitors, the Claimant brought a claim in professional negligence against his former representatives alleging that they had failed to properly advise him as to the terms of a restraining order precluding contact with his children after he received a criminal conviction. This was disputed, and the Claimant failed

As blue skies and summer holidays encourage the team to consider taking the 1CL private jet for a spin, we’ve spent the week thinking about all things aeronautical. The problems being experienced by passengers have been well documented this week, and the CAA and CMA appear to have run out of patience with the industry.

Every sporting activity is commensurate with risk. This makes it difficult for practitioners who deal with such personal injury claims to identify when an ‘organiser’ of a sporting activity has fallen below their requisite standard of care, or whether the injury complained of fell within the inescapable risks that came with playing the sport. In

This week’s edition of the Roundup concerns two cases involving costs agreements which parties may subsequently have come to regret: the decisions in Doyle v M&D Foundations and Building Services Limited [2022] EWCA Civ 927 and Candey v Tonstate Group Ltd & Others [2022] EWCA Civ 936. And the Court of Justice of the European

In yesterday’s webinar Sarah Prager of 1 Chancery Lane and Robert Horner of 9 Gough Chambers discussed how to get the most out of your Part 36 offer, including: When to make a Part 36 offer How to make a Part 36 offer What not to do When not to make a Part 36 offer Some caselaw

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