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Zachary Bredemear Case List

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Groveholt Ltd v Hughes

[2010] EWCA Civ 538


Summary: Amendment of pleading to allege implied terms in contract.

Hall v Harris


Right of common - limitations on registered rights and scope of commoners’ ancillary rights.

Groveholt Ltd v Hughes

[2012] EWCH 686 (Ch)


Redemption of charge securing overage payments.

Bashir v Ali

[2011] EWCA Civ 707, [2011] 2 P & CR 12


Construction of sale contract made at auction.

TRM Copy Centres (UK) Ltd v Lanwall Services Ltd

[2007] EWHC 1738 (QB)


Whether photocopier contract a regulated hire agreement for the purposes of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

Jones v St Pauls International Insurance Co Ltd

[2004] EWHC 2209 (Ch)


Member of solicitors limited partnership liable for insurance premium.

R v Kensington & Chelsea RLBC ex p. Molinaro

[2002] LGR 336; [2001] EWHC Admin 896


Section 123(2) of the Local Government Act, validity of covenants restraining use of commercial premises in leases granted by local authorities, whether decision to refuse consent to change of use amenable to judicial review.